My skin has been so bad lately?

Leilani Asked: My skin has been so bad lately?

Usually I never have this problem during the colder months but now that it's summer my nose has gotten shiny and my face is dotted with these skin colored bumps. They don't hurt or anything and it's not acne or whiteheads, they're just there. You can't really tell they're there unless you're up close to my face but it's still annoying.

How can I fix these problems?

getting rid of acne scars My skin has been so bad lately?


Bella Answered:
Protect your face with sun block every time you know when you're going to be in the sun, wash face every morning and night.

Leilani Raquel Answered:
This could be seriouse but then again it couldnt. i would go to the doctor just in case. Sometimes it can be a sign of a disease.

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