Makeup rubs off when I kiss my boyfriend?

Alice Asked: Makeup rubs off when I kiss my boyfriend?

My boyfriend like to touch my face a lot especially when we kiss which is sweet but he rubs off all my makeup! Lol and I have bad acne which is why i wear makeup. At the moment I've been wearing just a mineral powder and it's a great powder but when he touches my face a lot it flakes off and gets all dry, even if my skin's not dry. And when I used to just wear concealer that rubbed off too and ended up flaking. Does this happen to anyone else? And any suggestions on what I can do? I hate wearing a lot of makeup and never have time anyway so I need something quick to use that doesn't necessarily cover everything but at least takes away the redness.
Note: I bought a bb cream (nude by nature) to try out because i figured lighter coverage would mean not as flakey when rubbed off but it didn't go on smoothly at all and looked horrible. Any suggestions for other brands that might be better? Or would they all be the same as my acne makes my skin not very smooth?


spray hairspray on your face

Mark Answered:
Hey, it happens.You should carry some makeup in your purse and do a touch-up when you are ready to be seen by others.

Caroline Johnston Answered:
Would u not try a liquid foundation? I used to have the Same problem til I started using liquid instead u jus rub it in where its been rubbed off or put abit more on if yous are going out.. Jus need to check his face on ur way out the door my poor boyfriend ends up with orange makeup all over his face haha

Bubbles Answered:
Use a mousse, its much better than liquid foundations. It doesnt wear off, looks natural and very elegant.
As for lipstick or gloss, it is going to rub off when you kiss. Try a lip stain

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