Acne update, 4 months of Aczone

My skin has improved and I am happy with the results. My dermatologist was right when he said to give Aczone a chance. It took 7 weeks for my acne to stop flaring up. My dermatologist also prescribed me Periostat, which is a low dose Doxycline for 28 days which I took twice a day. For the past two months my skin has been clear except on the week of my menstrual period where I might get one pimple. The scars are slowly fading, and not so noticeable. I'm able to walk in public without having to cover up the scars with makeup. For those starting out with Aczone, I'm asking you to give it 2 months. The great thing about it is that its so mild that your skin just slowly gets better. Compared to other acne medications which makes your acne worse first before making it better.

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