15, no boobs, and I have acne- could the pill help?

sunshine Asked: 15, no boobs, and I have acne- could the pill help?

My birthdate's 10/20/96 and I'm almost 15 3/4, 5'6", 125lb, and just got my first period in November- it was barely one, basically spotting. Then I got a light one in April 5 months later, and one today, 2 months later. The one in November was 3 days, April was 4 days, and I just started this one yesterday and am not sure how long it will be. I was always SUPER skinny due to fast metabolism until last summer, now I'm average. I don't play any sports though. My sisters and mom got their periods at 13 and I didn't get mine until 15. They had C cups at 13 and D cups at 15. I'm a 32AA or A, completely flatchested- I've had "buds" since 6th grade. I know they grow until like early 20s or so, but I can't really wait that long. It would be nice to look normal and have at least B cups- that's all I want. My sisters and people at school make fun of me and no guys like me b/c I am flat with no hips. Every woman from both sides of my family have at least B cups, the majority C's and D's (all my aunts and grandmas were at least C's). I have bad acne too so birth control could maybe help my acne and regulate my period? My family doctor could prescribe it?


D Answered:
Your period does not need to be regulated – it is normal for it to be irregular in the first year or so. As for the acne, there are a lot of things you could try before hormones, and I would visit a dermatologist first. Also, birth control pills will do nothing for breast development. You will have to wait on those. Sorry, I know it is hard to feel like a late bloomer, but your worth is not tied up in the size of your breasts.

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